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About Rich Earth™ and the Owner


M. E. Witkowski, President of New Century, Inc., brings to the world market experience spanning over a decade in the distribution and sales of high grade humic acid. In fact, the mine from which Rich Earth™ is borne is one of the purest sources known to the world today. Years of study, research, and testing have empowered Ms. Witkowski with the ability to identify opportunities to resolve some of the world’s most severe soil problems and animal mineral deficiencies. Ms. Witkowski has also been able to create a line of Liquid Minerals with Fulvic Acid for human consumption, for the bath, as well as a liquid pet skin conditioner.

Mary Elizabeth “Liz” Witkowski is the owner of New Century, Inc. and Rich Earth™ products established in Norfolk, VA in 1999. Through the assistance of ARC for packaging and warehousing the products, and working through distributors, she sells Rich Earth™ plant-derived mineral products for plants, animals and humans to over 400 retail stores in the U.S. and world-wide.

After graduating from Old Dominion University in 1975 she worked for the Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority as a graphic designer for 17 years. During those years Liz worked nights and weekends on building her own graphic and publishing business. She designed projects including brochures, books, and catalogs for The Chrysler Museum, Colonial Willliamsburg Foundation, DeWitt Wallace Museum, The Jones Institute, as well as writing, designing, publishing and distributing a Boating Magazine/Directory for the Chesapeake Bay called the “Compass Rose”.

In 1992 Liz left the security of her government job to start her own publishing business. She taught classes in self publishing and assisted 23 authors in designing and publishing their books after co-authoring her own book entitled “The Southeast Writers’ Handbook”. It was well received and distributed through Ingram Books nationwide.

Her entrepreneurial spirit was heightened in 1999 when she was introduced to a mineral rich humate from a desert in Utah. A small amount of the ground humate helps to grow the healthiest, the most beautiful flowers and the sweetest vegetables. Few people had ever heard of this rare prehistoric humic shale ore. Knowing that she needed to let rest of the world know about this natural product Liz trade marked the name “Rich Earth” and began her mission.

Today, well into her eleventh year in the Jurrasic humate business, she is working with many distributors and hundreds of garden centers, botanical gardens in 13 states and organic farmers in Japan, Korea, Afghanistan and Poland. New Century, Inc. donates Rich Earth™ granular minerals to many non-profit organizations around the world and has even been used in the Memorial Garden for Fallen Soldiers at Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan.

Liz is grateful to Andre and Mark Viette, radio garden gurus in Virginia, who saw the promise of Rich Earth™ in their own gardens years ago and are now using the humate religiously on their Farm and Nursery in Fishersville, VA and promoting Rich Earth™ in their gardening books and on their weekly “In The Garden” Radio and TV Show reaching over 60 cities on the East Coast. Most recently, Liz has been working with the U.S. National Arboretum, the Montreal Botanical Gardens, and celebrities Mike McGrath (“You Bet Your Garden”) and Ed Bagely, Jr. (“Living with Ed”).

Liz is proud of the fact that since 1999, Rich Earth™ is bagged, bottled and warehoused by employees of ARC which employs mentally challenged adults giving them employment opportunities and paying these consumers a very good wage. ARC is headquartered in Hampton, VA. Small bags are meticulously filled and weighed by the consumers at the Lewis B. Puller Center in Gloucester, VA. - also under ARC. ARC of Greater Richmond is one of our newest business partners in VA.

Besides a passion for gardening, Liz has a strong love of animals and is involved with non-profit and environmental organizations, including the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Elizabeth River Project, Master Gardening Groups, Green Council Industry, Virginia Tech, No Kill Animal Shelters, and Organic Farm Organizations which have benefited from donations and fund-raisers with Rich Earth™.

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