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Once Upon A Time...

75 Million Years Ago...

The Earth Was Rich
With Minerals...

The internationally known book “Secrets of the Soil” by
Peter Thompkins and Christopher Bird identifies an unleached mineral
deposit in the remote mountains of Peru, left by a quirk of nature and
undisturbed for millions of years. Because the area was inaccessible to
mining, there was no way to access it and utilize it to enrich the increasingly
mineral-depleted soil across the world. Fortunately, the same rare mineral earth was
found in the United States, near Utah. Mining this rich humate began in 1983, and the
owners soon found an enormous market in foreign governments such as Saudi Arabia,
Japan and China, who were in desperate need of replenishing their depleted soils.

Rich Earth
Wha Our Customers Say

"This year, after applying Rich Earth, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, was larger, flowers were more plentiful with vibrant colors and the vegetables are also doing super. We highly recommend Rich Earth to all gardeners. "

Curt Capozzello
and Jane Deyo

Virginia Beach, VA


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  The Soil Can Be Rich Again!

Finally, this mineral rich humate soil, which contains over 70 trace minerals, is being used successfully on gardens, farms and golf courses here in the U.S. as well. It is called Rich Earth™, and it will dramatically improve the condition of your soil and everything that grows in it.

Compare Rich Earth™ compost with other Soil Conditioners !!…

Rich Earth™ is mined from the only humate source located in a dry arid desert region, rich with more nutrients and loaded with Fulvic Acids!!

Rich Earth

Here's The Difference…

There are other humate mines in the world, but in each case, they are not as nutrient-rich as Rich Earth™ mainly due to the fact that rain has already leached out many of their nutrients over millions of years and the fulvic acids are no longer present. Fulvic Acids are necessary for maintaining healthy plants immune systems, as well as vital for giving plants the strength to withstand stresses caused by dry weather, and cutting. Rich Earth™ is concentrated with all the nutrients and Fulvic Acids still intact. . . .ready to go to work for you in your garden!

Rich Earth

Now you can...

  • Grow the strongest, healthiest plants and flowers.
  • Develop a lush lawn and landscape that will withstand heat and drought.
  • Cultivate delicious and nutritious vegetables.
  • Garden naturally, without chemicals.

By adding just 16 ounces (1 lb.) of Rich Earth™ to 100 square feet of soil, you can breathe new life into your garden, boosting plant strength and growth as well as improving the nutrient content of your fruits and vegetables. Best of all, Rich Earth™ is 100% natural, and organic certification by the Organic Materials Review Institute is pending. The list below identifies several of the many advantages to using Rich Earth™:

  • Improves seed germination.
  • Stimulates existing soil bacteria/micro nutrients.
  • Increases transmission of nutrients from soil to plants.
  • Improves root development.
  • Builds resistance to drought and other stresses.
  • Works as a catalyst with other fertilizers and reduces costs.

Rich Earth

Rich EarthRich Earth

Organic Rich Earth™ Products are Organic 


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